Nope, not a seal, this is a river otter. There's often a pair of them that come downriver to Pleasant Bay Harbour in May and June, sometimes climbing up on the docks between the lobsterboats, or fishing like this one right at the mouth of the harbour.

Moose frequently move through and occasionally even sleep right in the yard, this one's a young bull that came by every few days last spring who I called "His Knobs."

Common Ravens nest high up in cliff outcroppings with overhangs and these 2 youngsters are just about ready to fledge. Photo taken right below the house.

There's no shortage of migrant birds—warblers, thrushes, sparrows, flycatchers, grouse, raptors—particularly those that prefer a boreal habitat. And there are also the birds of seaside beaches and cliffs like Spotted Sandpipers and Black Guillemots.

This devilish neighborhood Red Fox, or one of his relatives, might scoot out of the spruce to untie your bootlaces before scampering off again. His name's Blondo and he'll have some more Snow Crab thank you.


Bald Eagles are quite common here, this one is heading the "way" Pollets Cove. To the right of that strip of high meadow in the center are the stunning 400 foot cliffs of Otter Brook, my favorite day hike—about one hour each way from the cabin with one steep climb. The Lower End is rich with songbirds, seabirds, and other raptors.

Pilot whales cruise just offshore all summer long, and you can watch them from the Lookout windows or down by the cliff anytime the water's calm enough from June through September. But I'd still recommend taking one of the many whalewatches out of Pleasant Bay Harbour, or bringing your kayak to paddle among them. Dolphins and big whales like Humpbacks and Fins are often sighted as well and Orcas were sighted here last spring for the first time in local memory.

Harbour and Gray are the most common seals you'll see moseying by or hauled out on a rocky outcrop. In recent years their populations have increased and it's not unusual in spring now to see 25 or more seals at once, going by or just hanging out right out the lookout windows. In winter they pup on the shore ice below the cliffs.

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